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Flower of Sound is one of the first music stores which offers only original and native immersive content. All experiences are designed to help change your emotional state and redefine your auditory experience.

Use headphones for an immersive spatial audio experience.

From Ecstasy to Trance

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Experience Trānsitiō, an original immersive audio journey designed to shift your emotional state through various wellbeing techniques. Envelop yourself in a continuum of spatial sound. Trānsitiō is the first sound journey inspired by the work of Ronald Fisher and Gilbert Rouget on the topics of Ecstasy and Trance.

Walking Cities

Experience a city like you are walking there yourself. A dynamic spatial soundwalk, wandering through streets and over bridges. Listen all the chit chat in different languages while you walk by and the reverberation of the buildings and traffic. Each city has its own sonic identity.

Performative Narrative

An Italian narrative about the World War 1. A lesson we should not forget, told in the first perspective support by a spatial sound design to bring this important story to life.

Sound Bath

Ancient sound healing and instruments come together in a sound bath designed to relax and to journey within. Even the use of a single instrument can be powerful in this way. Feel yourself in the middle of this live recorded immersive experience as you are giving your own private sound bath.

Sounding Nature

Nature sounds have a profound effect on us all backed up by research. To relax, to feel safe, to focus and find our creativity. Listen the difference with city sounds. Rain in particular can help to fall asleep faster or can be used as a form of noise to mask other unwanted sounds. A true sonic tool as we like to call our immersive experiences that shift your emotional state.


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The Listening Sessions are versatile and adaptable university virtual reality sound bath Group listening listening session sei festival listening session red bull unforeseen nameless Salzburg


Marika Fiore
Science Museum Leonardo Da Vinci Milan

We immersed ourselves in a three-dimensional environment in which sound flowed from a variety of sources around us.
We had a unique and magical auditory experience travelling to a relaxing bliss that activated our energies and amplified the sensations.

Nathalie Brähler
CIO at Brandingmag | Advisory CMO at EleaTek

We had a chance to test drive it at The Future of Creative Business conference. I experienced a deep trance state with Flower of Sound’s immersive, spatial sound (in the real life verse). Promising technology as far as I’m concerned.

Terry Tyldesley
Creative technologies producer I consultant

A beautiful, compelling and uplifting sensory journey.

Luca Fonnesu
Project manager

An interesting immersive wellness experience linked to the Redbull unforseen special project.
It created an atmosphere of deep relaxation and captured the attention of our customers.

Matthias Strobel Curator hybrid music lab I Berlin Most Wanted Music

The “From Ecstasy to Trance” performance by Flower of Sound at the end of Most Wanted: Music Berlin conference really took me on journey through sound and helped me to immersive myself in music to calm down after a day full excitements and recharge my batteries.

Lianne Bergeron
Leadership I Communication | Education | Branding | Tech | Start-Up Ad

I was one of the lucky ones to enjoy this immersive sound journey. I'm not sure where I was taken to but I definitely left the building for while!

Lorenzo Ortolani
b2b hi tech management and engineering

This was a wonderful experience. 
Thank you and keep up the good work!

Maaike Bruggeman Future Network

In the Vondelpark (Amsterdam), our participants sat on their own inflated skippy balls.
Together with the fragment of the Flower of Sound. An impactful start. The participants left the delusion of the day behind.
Exactly what we had in mind. A real awe experience!

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Discover sonic tools that can affect your emotional state, increase brain elasticity and reshape your perception of the acoustic environment.

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