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Be the DJ of your own

We use immersive technology to create a not ordinary listening spatial audio catalog.


Founded by music producer and digital artist Claudio Vittori and the publisher Elise de Bres,

Flower of Sound create immersive experiences across different media and for different devices. Our spatial audio catalog is the basis for what we do. From this we are developing our live, online, virtual, and at-home experiences.  Depending on the experience other senses are engaged (visual, darkness, virtual landscape and smell).  We publish our experiences in different audio formats from binaural, Dolby Atmos for consumer design and True HD for home theatre. This means that you can listen our experiences on your headphones, pods, but also with sound bar and for more quality result you can fully enjoy the highest quality with home theatre system. 


Most of our catalog is exclusive and cannot be found in the normal music stores. You can buy them on this website only.
When we have a live performance or installation we will announce this on our blog and social media channels. Check our blog to be updated with our latest content , researches, insights and live dates. 

Our Philosophy Is To Provide
Quality Over Quantity

People are stressed and need to relax, a lot of people “self-medicate” with sound. We found that the use of the power of sound is still an under-investigated terrain. There are a lot of false claims, there is a lot what we don’t know and yet so many people benefit from the power of sound. We are deeply inspired by what sound can do for us human especially in combination with technology. So we want to let people experience the power of sound in the best way, supported by proper claims and explanations so everybody can make their own educated decisions. 

Our goal is to create not ordinary listening experiences

The kind of listening that engages all the senses, stimulates your brain to transform each frequency and sound healing technique into an optimal listening experience, so the power of sound is amplified and effective and these experiences  can also be used in the therapeutic and wellness field.

“I start to reconsidering the sound after an invitation i had in 2019 in a radio show. They ask me to bring something about the healing of sound…at that time I didn’t so much so I started my research  about the power of sound for the wellbeing and from that moment I discovered the why I was so anxious and restless and also bored by the music…because there wasn’t a properly intention but merely the Idea to great good music but without any awareness of what every single particle of soundwave does on our body and soul ”

Claudio Vittori

Founder & Creative Director

“I have always been interested in stories in the deeper meaning, in the why. To open up awareness and creativity and a new world that you did not know existed before both outside and inside of you.
To be able to tell stories not just with words but with sound and to add extra’s layers to improve your well-being is something that keeps amazing me.  ”

Elise de Bres

Founder & Publisher

Flower of sound experiences

 Flower of Sound is based in Italy (Milan with the studio) and The Netherlands (Amersfoort with the office) and works as a network organisation.
We have a broad network of all kinds of creative, technical, business and sound minds that support us to create our experiences.

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Join us on our journey to bring well-being, sound and technology together in immersive experiences!

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