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From Ecstasy to Trance online experience

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online event / livestream

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1 hour


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All our tracks are produced in a spatial audio format. This can mean that some sounds might make you a bit uncomfortable. We invite you te relax into the sounds hereby training your auditory system and active listening skills and let your body get used to it (our tracks can activate brain area’s that you are not used too). When you are experimenting with pure tone frequencies we advise you to build it up slowly as some people are very sensitive to them. Soundhealing does not mean that these tracks are a medical pill or are a replacement for any kind of medical or therapy proces. However they can support your healing proces both physical and mental creating more wellbeing. The intention of all tracks is to lower your stress levels and create more wellbeing. Please contact your dokter if you have any persisting medical or mental issues or if you start to not feel well using our products. The uncomfortable feeling you can experience can also be a symptom of some medical or mental issue underneath. Please do not listen in a situation where you need pay attention as spatial sound and the soundhealing techniques can bring

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