Right in your ears, like you are walking there yourself.

Uncover your cognitive response to dynamism

Imagine the microphone in motion as you are walking there yourself, meandering through bustling streets, little villages, vibrant squares, nature and bridges. Each soundscape boasts its unique energy and sonic identity, captured through recordings made while strolling through its core—ushering you into a dynamic realm of auditory exploration.


The soundscape, shaped by technological progress and dynamics, holds a profound influence on our cognitive experience. The chit chatting, the different languages, the sound of traffic, the complete silence, the reverberate of the streets or mountains make each walk unique.


Incorporate the dimension of spatial dynamics into the auditory experience, as the environment undergoes transitions, causing voices or birds to approach and fluctuate amidst unforeseen obstacles and varied sound sources.

This combination and movement contributes to a dynamic and immersive sonic landscape.

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We use our extensive and ongoing research into the application of sound on our well-being to inspire us to create our experiences:

Relationship between dynamism and cognitive perception

By listening to one thing at a time and rapidly switching attention from one sound to another improves the elasticity of the brain.

This is enhanced by the fact the recording is dynamic and all the sounds are natural occurring sounds. So a way to say it is that your brain is going to a mental gym and training your auditory attention. 

Choose the Drones version if you are looking for a more relaxing experience.

If you want to know more on city soundscapes and soundwalking we recommend reading our article.

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The benefits of soundwalking  

Through the lens of spatial city or village sound, the rhythm of human life can be decoded and pave the way for a more mindful engagement with our surroundings.

The intersection of auditory heritage with urban evolution also offers a fertile ground for designing healthier, more harmonious environments.


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Benefits and Considerations

+ pro

Increased brain elasticity 

Training of auditory attention

Mindful engagement with surroundings

Fertile ground for designing healthier surroundings

Listening to auditory heritage

Comes in a Drones version for a more relaxed experience

– cons

Mental fatigue from training auditory attention and increasing brain elasticity

Being emotional triggered by recognisable sounds or words

Sometimes their are small noises (breathing, footsteps) from the recorderist walking 

On occasion there are disturbing sounds from engines, drones and even swearwords. 

Walking Soundscapes Experience

Walking Soundscapes can be booked as a listening session or as an art installation.

In addition we offer a talk or workshop to introduce SoundWalking and to guide the listening experience.

This experience Is meant for audiences interested in exploring the connection between surrounding sounds and well-being, the effects of the auditory aspects of environments to create more harmonious surroundings, sonic identities of cities, and communities, the impact of sound on cognitive processes or looking for an unordinary listening journey at the intersection of technology with human experiences. The listening session can also be used as a sustainable way to visit the recorded landscapes.

Walking Soundscapes has been recorded in binaural audio format.
It can only be experienced through the use of headphones or hearables.

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