Be the DJ of your well-being
Start-up to Watch

Start-up to Watch

Flower of Sound has been selected by Music Ally as one of the 60 Start ups to Watch in the music/tech industry. It is a proud honor for us to be on this list. Our focus for the coming year is to prepare the launch of our VR/AR application and to develop further our spatial audio music catalogue for well-being.

The report reads: “There is something powerful to be explored at the intersection of virtual reality and health-tech. Flower of Sound is a good example of that, with an app currently in beta designed for VR headsets like Facebook’s Oculus Quests. Its tagline is “Be the DJ of your own well-being”. What that means is a meditation app using spatial audio, but with the listener playing a far more active role than simply sitting back and blissing out. Here, users will be able to interact with the individual sounds and move them around their virtual environment. Flower of Sound has already joined two schemes – the Jump European Music Market Accelerator and the Music Tech Europe Academy – to help as it prepares for launch.”

About Music Ally and the 60 Start ups to Watch list:
Music Ally’s editorial focus is industrywide, but in the last few years they have intentionally focused more on the technology and startups which drive innovation in the music business. This quarterly report is entirely devoted to those startups and emerging technologies. In the quartely report, they have rounded up 60 startups that they think are particularly worthy of your attention. This is not a “best new startups of 2021” list – instead, it’s a snapshot of our view of this ecosystem: these are early-stage tech companies (or ones new to the music industry) that we have encountered for the first time this year.

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