Flower of Sound

Born by the minds of the sound artist and composer Claudio Vittori and the creative publisher Elise de Bres,
Flower of Sound aims to create a catalogue of listening experiences that can be adapted to different audio devices, demonstrating the multifaceted influence of sound.

The Name

Showing what sound is and how it affects us is at the heart of the listening experiences.The name ‘Flower of Sound’ is derived from the floral patterns created by sound, a phenomenon made visible through the science of cymatics.”

Catalog / Publishing

As an independent publisher,
most of our catalogue can only be found on the shop page providing a curated and exclusive shopping experience.
Licences for events, venues and commercial use are available on request
(see Listening Session page).

Spreading our vision

Flower of Sound has shared its insights and creations through events at universities, museums, cultural gatherings and festivals.
We believe in the profound impact of listening experiences and strive to share this vision with the world.
Check out the articles to keep up to date with our latest content, research, insights and live dates.


The combination of immersive technologies and the fascinating power that sound holds is the basis of all the original content you find on this site.
Our dynamic approach has enabled us to craft tailored cross-platform content.
This includes the development of immersive spaces utilizing our proprietary IoT software and experiential apps in Virtual Reality.”

The message we propose has attracted the interest of international think tanks and startup accelerators in music tech this in addition to giving us new stimuli pushes us to continue on the intervening path.


For each experience we use professionals selected according to the needs given by the project. The team is therefore liquid and dynamic and consists of sound designers, 3d artists and programmers.

Insights from the founders

In 2014, I had the unique opportunity to compose a piece for a Wave Field Synthesis (WFS) immersive audio system at the G. Pollini Theatre in Padua, Italy. Until then, I had never delved into spatialized audio and knew little about this field. However, this experience marked a decisive turning point in my career.

From that moment, my perception of music underwent a radical transformation. I immersed myself in the study and experimentation of immersive audio, and despite inevitable mistakes along the way, my passion for learning about the tools and technologies capable of creating immersive audio experiences never waned.

Convinced that it was the right time for an ambitious project, I founded Flower of Sound with the goal of developing a catalog of immersive audio experiences tied to various emotional states. I dedicated myself to creating audio content for VR and AR, developing IoT software for immersive rooms, and managing multi-platform projects. This journey led to the formation of “Machine Jockey,” a team of digital creatives now part of Flower of Sound.

This journey profoundly influenced my artistic approach. I took a long break from composing to study neuroscience and ethnomusicology, aiming to understand how and why our ancestors used sound as an indispensable tool for collective and individual healing. Only recently have I returned to composing, with a renewed perspective and approach.

Flower of Sound has naturally become the ideal platform to host a continuously expanding catalog, offering unconventional listening experiences and stimulating new auditory perceptions. This project not only reflects my personal journey but also aims to push the boundaries of how we experience sound and its impact on our consciousness.

I am driven by curiosity to simply learn more about this world we live in. Behind assumptions there is most of the time a story or knowledge untold or misunderstood or even forgotten which makes us miss the larger view or higher perspective.

The question why? And what does this mean.. are used most often in my work as a book coach and publisher to open up new ways of thinking in the process and often choosing to go an unconventional way.

Creative solutions present themselves by creating awareness and looking from a different and deeper angle.

The meaning of sound is a whole new rabbit hole that shows how little we know about what we take for granted in our everyday hearing and listening.

We are so deeply effected by sound that it seems too obvious for us to notice. As the world is getting louder and louder the need to understand and experience sound consciously is even bigger and bigger.

I have the chance to show the impact of sound from that larger view, to bring together my entrepreneurial experience, work as a publisher and coach a my love for the unconventional way.
I can feel and see sound outside conventional music will be recognised even more as a way of how we perceive and the experience the world and live our lives.

We welcome cultural cross-pollination and diverse viewpoints, as we collectively take on the journey to elevate the auditory experience to new heights.


Milan ( IT )


Amersfoort ( NL )

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