Before purchase select the audio format* suitable for your device.
When you buy a Dolby Atmos format the binaural audio format is also included.

For personal use only.

Spatial Audio Formats USED

Binaural audio (AAC-WAV)

Is an audio format for spatial audio over headphones, earphones and hearables.

This is made possible by Head-Related Transfer Function (HRTF) rendering, which translates complex spatial mixes in the left and right channels to create a realistic binaural effect in headphones.
Binaural audio can be used with personalised pHRTF*.
pHRTF stands for Personalised Head Related Transfer Functions, which means the sound is tailored to the anatomy of your ears, giving you a personalised 3D audio experience through your headphones.

Dolby Atmos (MP4-MKV)

Dolby Atmos DD+ Joc / Dolby Atmos TrueHD are the most common immersive audio formats  for consumer hearable devices / smart speaker and  for home cinema.

– Dolby Digital Plus delivers a compressed audio signal 

– Dolby TrueHD ( Lossless audio ) provides an almost fully uncompressed or lossless audio signal.


Both support Dolby Atmos, but with different levels of quality.
Dolby TrueHD offers more audio detail than Dolby Digital Plus.

Ambisonics (AMBIX)

This audio format is Ideal as immersive audio background for your VR / AR games and 3D movies. It is also used  for virtual acoustic backgrounds and art installations.

This format is able to decode a specific location of sound in a variety of speaker setups, including binaural for headphones.

Multichannel (WAV)

Multi-channel audio is a surround audio format designed for a loudspeaker array placed in spaces of varying shapes and sizes, more versatile than systems with preset sizes (e.g. Dolby Atmos / Auro)

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