Feel yourself in the middle of the sound and become part of this immersive journey

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Walking Cities

From Ecstasy To Trance

Test re test

Imagine an immersive sound shower, where each sound is positioned in the space around you to offer you an experience that amplifies the sensations. Thanks to the reverberations, diffractions and resonances you will experience an unprecedented listening experience that relaxes or activates you.

The human hearing sense; we can hear, we are not only perceiving loudness, pitch, time, timbre and the spectral qualities of sound, but also a subjective perception of the spatial attribute of the sound.

This you will experience in From Ecstasy to Trance

Experience a city like you are walking there yourself. This is Walking Milan, Lisbon, Amsterdam and Paris. Listen like you are walking in the streets and parcs and on the squares and bridges.

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