The listening sessions contain sonic tools that you can use to change your emotional state, increase the elasticity of your brain and your perception of the acoustic environment.

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The Listening Sessions are versatile and adaptable, making them suitable for a wide range of events. Whether it’s for corporate events, festivals, museums, team building activities or individual experiences.

You can choose from intimate sessions with headphones or experiences with immersive audio surround speakers system.

Discover the impact of the 360° sound environment

Thanks to the immersive audio techniques used, the stimuli of sound on the auditory system are enhanced, the whole body is involved and it is not to be underestimated that actively choosing or accepting your sound environment and involving your other senses reduces your stress levels.

From sound walking to sound journeys

Experience the difference between listening to nature and the bustling sounds of city life, unwind with a relaxing full-length sound journey, learn how sound can enhance your wellbeing or go on a sound walk.

Opt for a brief, insightful talk, a workshop, or just listen.

ear + immersive dome


Our sessions are designed to bring back a natural way of listening through the use of Spatial Audio and to increase awareness and use of the acoustic environment.

+ What happens

Increased brain elasticity through dynamism and novelty

Training of auditory attention 

Mindful engagement with surroundings

Real-world Listening = natural way to listen

Using sonic tools to mask other sounds

Brainwave entrainment

Activating of the the parasympathetic nervous system

Inducing relaxation response

+ Results

Improved mental wellbeing

Increased creativity 

Improved focus and concentration

Enhanced cognitive function

Reduced stress levels

Deep relaxation

Better sleep

More acceptance or less resistance towards unwelcome sounds

auditory pathway

Group Dynamics in sound experiences

When individuals come together to engage in our immersive sound experiences, the benefits are magnified. Group listening fosters a sense of unity and belonging, creating a shared emotional and cognitive journey that can strengthen bonds and increase empathy between participants. In addition, experiencing sound in a group setting can lead to shared insights and perspectives, sparking creativity and innovative thinking.


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Common Asked Listening Session Questions

What’s is an listening session?

A listening experience is a guided listening session where the audience actively and intentionally listens and engages with the auditory content.

It is more than just hearing; it includes the emotional, intellectual and sensory responses that occur as they immerse themselves in what they listen to. A technique is introduced called natural listening to engage with sound even more. 

The experience can be of different lengths, using different audio devices:

From basic entry-level headphones to immersive spaces equipped with surround sound systems, compatible with home theater systems or non-linear setups for multi-channel surround.

A curated selection of original sonic tools from our catalogue forms the basis of the experience. 

The sessions are provides as a short talk, workshop with different sonic tools or a full length listening session. 

What kind of experiences do you offer?

Our immersive listening sessions introduce natural listening and explores the influence of sound with our sonic tools. We’ve created three types of sessions to help you navigate through the options.

The sessions below have been designed based on our research and expertise and the feedback of users, and are seamlessly integrated with the original content in our catalogue.

From Ecstasy to Trance
This experience draws inspiration from ancient healing rituals and the undefined realms of advanced sound journeys. It is a full length listening session where the audience preferably lies down or sits comfortably. 

Natural listening
Ranging from Sound Walking through cities to immersive nature sounds, binaural beats to traditional sound healing, this listening session focuses on sound as a sonic tool with dynamic, natural and unconventional soundscapes to focus, relax or change your emotional state. 

Beyond stereo
This educational workshop explores the opportunities of immerse sound and the 360 environment for cultural heritage, creative processes or business models. This workshops dives deeper into all aspects and opportunities of Spatial Audio and draws upon our whole catalogue.

What kind of events have you been involved?

Flower of Sound has been involved in a wide range of events for different audiences.
To name just a few: from business conferences (such as the GTD Summit) to music festivals (Nameless / Heroes ) to museums (Day of the Researcher, Science Museum In Milan) to innovation/tech conferences (such as Linecheck Milan, Business Innovation Hogeschool Utrecht and Most wanted Berlin).

What kind of technology Is needed?

We have developed immersive listening experiences using different audio devices.

The choice depends on the desired purpose and the nature of the listening session, whether it is in-person or online, temporary for festivals or events, or permanent for wellness spaces or cultural institutions.

From simple headphones to IoT systems with proprietary software, from mixed reality experiences to surround speaker arrays, the technologies used are diverse.

Are the experiences suitable for my space?

We have experiences to suit different spaces and budgets. As the choice depends also on the desired purpose and the nature of the experience we kindly ask you to contact us using the form to discuss the options.

Can you make tailor made listening sessions?

Each of the experiences can be used for a listening session.
In the case our catalogue is not sufficient or you would like a tailor made soundscape or sound journey we can discuss the possibilities to create a new listening experience.

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