The Power of Affirmations

Humans do a lot of self-talk. The constant chatter in our minds is constant. From “oh, I should not forget to buy this” or “my meeting did not go well”, “why am I am so forgetful?” to “I should have said that.” Underneath the obvious voice lie limiting beliefs about ourselves.

Most of us have this inner dialogue. All this self-talk are basically affirmations as they affirm what we experience, see or believe. When starting to talk differently to ourselves, in a more positive way — and as a result, affirming the positive — then also start to act from this place and can experience greater happiness, clarity and well-being. This is the power of thoughts. Lots of books have been written about the power of our thoughts, and there is plenty of science-backed research showing the power of the mind.

What is a typical affirmation?

A typical affirmation is a sentence that starts with “I…”, followed by something you want to confirm and affirm in yourself to either induce a positive way of living or avoid negative situations from happening again. You can make yourself stronger with affirmations. Affirmations become more powerful the more they are repeated. The repetition engrains the affirmation in thoughts, mind and then finally, in behavior.

There are many ways that integrate affirmations in our lives — from repeating them throughout the day, making an affirmation of your computer login password, or hanging a poster on the wall.

Here are some examples of some popular affirmations:
I keep going
I am good enough
I am strong
I am loving and kind
I am worthy
I am successful
I can do this
I am courageous
I am safe
I choose to be happy and healthy
I decide how I feel and will choose for myself

Create your own affirmation, tailored to YOUR life

What limiting beliefs do you have about yourself that you’d like to change? What goals do you have for yourself – in different areas of your life? What specific feelings do you want more of in your life? It can be helpful to take a few minutes to note these down, in a journal and create a daily practice of reading, writing or saying these out loud. IT can be anything you want them to be – and can be long, or short. Often affirmations work with specific themes. They can address how to ground, how to feel the joy for life, how to make decisions, the love and success you want in your live, how to speak your truth and about the connection to others, the earth or even the sky.




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