Mixing Binaural Beats with Nature

From Ecstasy to Trance is our first spatial audio sound healing journey: a combination of soundhealing, spatial audio and cromotherapy. Our co-founder and sound artist Claudio Vittori composed From Ecstasy to Trance for Music most Wanted in Berlin it is now also available for you own home system and with headphones.





What is From Ecstasy to Trance?
Imagine an immersive sound shower, where each sound is positioned in the space around you to offer you an experience that amplifies the sensations. Thanks to the reverberations, diffractions and resonances you will live an unprecedented hearing experience that relaxes or activates you. A wide scale of soundhealing techniques are used and amplified by the spatial audio, which means that all the different sounds are placed in the 3d space which gives an immersive experience, and you can fall deeper in different states of wellbeing. The human hearing sense; we are not only perceiving loudness, pitch, time, timbre and the spectral qualities of a sound, but also a subjective perception of the spatial attribute of the sound. 

In From Ecstasy to Trance different soundhealing techniques are used from ambisonic nature recordings (you can hear the birds from a specific direction), to pure frequencies (528 hz), to fractal rhythms to ASMR. Which will help you to sink into Relaxing Bliss (inward focus) while moving from Present Moment Awareness (the now) into Transcendence (merging the inside with the outside). Alls 3 tracks are also sold seperately.

    please wear your headphones

    Immersive Binaural Audio preview 1 Minute
    :: We recommend using headphones ::

    What People Say About From Ecstasy to Trance

    Tech Specifications


    Stereo, Binaural, Dolby Atmos

    Total Time

    5 minutes


    for personal use only not to be copied

    Tech specs

    Stereo, Binaural or Dolby Atmos

    Sound healing specs





    The digital album will be released on June 10th 2022

    bla bla

    blue, red , grey and black

    Distribution options

    Download, Phigital

    Band members

    Claudio, Robbie, Woody


    – While paying attention to binaural beats, it’s ideal to sit in a comfortable spot liberated from interruptions. Paying attention to the binaural beat sound for no less than 10 minutes every day in your earphones guarantees that the musicality is entrained (has fallen into synchronization) all through the mind.

    –  You can explore different avenues regarding the timeframe you pay attention to the binaural beats to figure out what works for you. For instance, if you’re encountering elevated degrees of tension or stress, you might need to pay attention to the sound for an entire hour or longer.
    – Keep in mind, you should involve earphones for binaural beats to work. You may likewise need to tune in with your eyes closed.

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