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Tre, the meaning of the number 3

Tre, the meaning of the number 3

There is a famous quote from Tesla that says: “If you understand the deeper meaning of the numbers 3, 6 and 9 you understand the secrets of the universe” Interestingly enough when you dive deeper in the healing frequencies combinations of these numbers come back often. Tre means 3 and this blog is about the meaning of the number three.

Clear is that the number 3 is one of the building blocks of life. A triangle is one of the most stable building blocks as many discoveries are divided by 3. Why the interest from Flower of Sound in the number 3? Collateral Nature’s new single is called Tre and we dived for the 3D video deeper in the meaning of the number 3. Also Tre is the third single of Collateral Nature’s Morning Mars album (Breathe! Robot (1), Morning Mars (2) and now Tre (3)).

The inspiration of Tre came from the 3 instruments that are used to create the song: “Written in one go with a precise bass line in mind, the song is as simple as it is hypnotic. It supports the evolution of the Rhodes piano and the drums that draw you into the psychedelic soul of the track.” Claudio Vittori produced and composed the song. You can watch the video here below:

You can listen the whole album via different streaming channels from Spotify to Tidal: see this smart link for all the links:

More interesting facts about the number 3:


The spelling:

3 (numererological)

III (roman)

…— (morse)

三 (Chineese) and sounds like the word “alive” (生 pinyin shēng, Cantonese: saang),



If you look at symbols there are many that show the unity of three different elements or parts. Think of the Trinity symbol, but also the Chintamani or the Valknut, the Trefolt or the Threefold or the Celtic Trinity symbol.


Hand symbols

Funny is that there two different handsymbols to show the number 3 with your fingers. In Inglorious Basterds the film they get cought as spies because they use the fingers the wrong way to order three beer. The two ways are: sticking up the 3 fingers in the middle of the hand or the thumb and the two fingers next to it.


Some mathematical facts about the number 3:

3 (three) is a:

The trisection of the angle was one of the three famous problems of antiquity.

Old counting systems counted up to three “One, Two, Three” and thereafter “Many” to describe counting limits.

Counting to three is common in situations where a group of people wish to perform an action in synchrony: 1, 2 ,3 go !,


Some other interesting facts about the number 3:

The Roman numeral III stands for a giant star.

Three is the atomic number of lithium.

Three is the ASCII code of “End of Text“.

Humans perceive the universe to have three spatial dimensions.

The triangle, a polygon with three edges and three vertices, is the most stable physical shape.

There are three primary colors.

In European alchemy, the three primes (Latintria prima) were saltsulfur and mercury.

The three doshas are the basis of Ayurvedic medicine.

In Pythagorean numerology the number 3 is the digit of communication. and encourages the expansion of creativity, sociability between people and movement.

In spirituality and religion there is often a holy trinity, some examples:

Some sayings:

Third time’s the charm” refers to the superstition that after two failures the third trial will succeed.

Luck, especially bad luck, is often said to “come in threes”.

Then the number three is used in sport so often that i won’t mention it here 😉


Some more scientific facts about 3:

There are three main types of stable particles: the proton, the neutron, and the electron. These are the three building blocks of atoms. Scientists say that each proton and each neutron is built from smaller particles called quarks. There are three quarks in a proton and 3 quarks in a neutron.

On the subatomic level there are three types of charges: positive charges like protons have, negative charges like electrons have, and neutral charges like neutrons have.

The three main properties associated with subatomic particles: mass, charge, and spin.

There are three types of “color charge” involved in the strong nuclear force: what are called red charges, blue charges, and green charges.

There are three dimensions of space: height, width, and depth.

There are three main types of matter: gaseous, liquid, and solid.

There are three main types of massive objects: planets, stars, and galaxies.

There are also three main types of galaxies: spiral galaxies, irregular galaxies, and elliptical galaxies.

Almost all types of galaxies are one of these three types

There are three laws of motion,

there are also three types of natural laws: the laws of physics, the laws of chemistry, and the laws of biology.

Past, present, & future are the three major divisions of time.


3, 6, 9

Nikola Tesla: “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6, and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.”

Doubling 1, then 2, and so on creates a pattern that excludes 3 6 and 9.

Scientist Marko Rodin believes that 3 6 9, then, represents a “flux field” or a vector from the third to the fourth dimension.

Tesla loved the trifecta of “energy, frequency, and vibration” which he believed contained the “secrets of the universe.”


Thanks to Wikipedia for many of the facts. 

More on Collateral Nature you can here:


Start-up to Watch

Start-up to Watch

Flower of Sound has been selected by Music Ally as one of the 60 Start ups to Watch in the music/tech industry. It is a proud honor for us to be on this list. Our focus for the coming year is to prepare the launch of our VR/AR application and to develop further our spatial audio music catalogue for well-being.

The report reads: “There is something powerful to be explored at the intersection of virtual reality and health-tech. Flower of Sound is a good example of that, with an app currently in beta designed for VR headsets like Facebook’s Oculus Quests. Its tagline is “Be the DJ of your own well-being”. What that means is a meditation app using spatial audio, but with the listener playing a far more active role than simply sitting back and blissing out. Here, users will be able to interact with the individual sounds and move them around their virtual environment. Flower of Sound has already joined two schemes – the Jump European Music Market Accelerator and the Music Tech Europe Academy – to help as it prepares for launch.”

About Music Ally and the 60 Start ups to Watch list:
Music Ally’s editorial focus is industrywide, but in the last few years they have intentionally focused more on the technology and startups which drive innovation in the music business. This quarterly report is entirely devoted to those startups and emerging technologies. In the quartely report, they have rounded up 60 startups that they think are particularly worthy of your attention. This is not a “best new startups of 2021” list – instead, it’s a snapshot of our view of this ecosystem: these are early-stage tech companies (or ones new to the music industry) that we have encountered for the first time this year.

Breathe! Robot the game a way to play with spatial audio

Breathe! Robot the game a way to play with spatial audio

Enriched with immersive content, immersive sound and the tuning of most of the tracks in 432 hz like Verdi did, Morning Mars opens the dance with a fascinating approach to enjoy music. Morning Mars places Collateral Nature as one of the first Italian projects to interact organically with the new digital immersive experiences. the first single that has been released is Breathe! Robot. Breathe! Robot comes with a game.

The Game Breathe! Robot brings an immersive experience of the single Breathe! Robot. Showing the impact of spatial audio and the possibilities this new way of listening has. In a fun and interactive way you can experience when you move through the game. The game is build in WebGL making it possible to play in a web browser (firefox, chrome ). 

You can find the game from on

More on immersive sound as the most natural way to listen you can read here:


Breathe! Robot the meaning

Breathe! Robot the meaning

Claudio Vittori is the producer of Collateral Nature. He wrote and produced the music and most of the lyrics of the new debut Album Morning Mars. The first single will be released on the 5th of July called Breathe! Robot. But why Breathe! Robot? What is the meaning behind this first single of Morning Mars.

“I composed Breathe! Robot thinking about the human breath and how little importance we assign to this vital mechanical action full of life force. Not only in life but on a spiritual level it calls for an awareness to differentiate between what is purely human and what is artificial. In the near future it will be increasingly difficult to distinguish the human form from a robot. In the breath we will find the essential distinction of life. 

Breathe! Robot is an invitation to stop for a moment and breathe deeply, to understand the difference between automaton and being aware. 

In our modern society nothing has a clear boundary any more and  when you think you are progressing often you end up in the same place like a hamster with its wheel.

True wealth is to be able to understand the profound meaning that exists between living and surviving and being able to transcend from it. In other words stepping outside of the rat race. We are slaves to the propulsive thrust that we have inflicted on ourselves for decades. We just have to have more and more since the era of technology launched us in a mad rush with ephemeral ambitions. If we keep following this progression we are no longer needed, either the technology or the earth will take over,  so maybe it’s time to start breathing, robot.

I composed the song by only using the instruments we use on stage (piano, ambient pad, bass and drums). Giving prominence to the dynamics. A dialogue between full and empty and intimate and dilated moments creating a living rhythm. 

Key are the pauses when the breath is released giving a sense of communication between the outer world and the inner emotional experience.”

Breathe! Robot will be available on the 5th of July 2021 and will be available on all streaming platforms and in both stereo and Dolby Atmos format. Breathe! Robot will also be available in a game format you can play on this website.  If you would like to listen to Breathe! Robot subscribe to our newsletter. You can have a pre-listen.

What is Flower of Sound?

What is Flower of Sound?

We would like to introduce you to Flower of Sound. Flower of Sound applies sound and technology to establish healing in the widest meaning of the word using vibration, or frequencies. We create immersive experiences based on spatial audio using XR technologies and for physical spaces using IoT (Internet of Things).

What does this mean?

We create virtual and physically appealing environments that enhance the effects of sound and light so it functions as a healing modality. We use our own experiences as musicians, producers and sound healers as well as evidence-based insights from neuroscience, technology and sound therapy to help you reach altered states of consciousness, giving you access to a deeper feeling of well-being. Our dream is to create digital medicine pills so you know exactly what to listen to when, and with what effect.

Or in less techy words:

“We create modern day immersive sound and light baths to help relax you, so you feel better, lighter and more at peace.”

What does this mean in terms of our offerings?

Flower is Sound has four key offerings:

  1. A music catalogue produced in stereo, binaural and Dolby Atmos.
  2. An XR application.
  3. Immersive space / immersive installations built with IoT.
  4. Live gigs in a metaverse environment “streaming” online and in real life.

The range of our music catalogue extends from pure tone, shamanic sound, neuromusic, fractal rhythm, ASMR all the way to ambient sounds. We produce everything in house and work with different sound healing artists.

Our music is produced in different formats and we create immersive experiences to amplify the effects. This includes 360 video, virtual reality clips or games. All the techniques we use are rooted in our research. We distribute all our music and experiences via different streaming platforms including YouTube, Tidal, Amazon, HD, oculus, Quest 2 and our own immersive space in Amersfoort, Netherlands.

Our mission is to create more well-being through the application of sound. Through our blog, we share our knowledge about soundhealing and technology. To get the latest blog and other updates, sign up for our newsletter.

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